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What we do

The disposal of IT Asset like desktop, laptop, smartphone, etc. safely.
Perforations, and a degaussing and physical destruction of data and safely handled in
accordance with your instructions.

REMANn’s Strength

The refurbishment of used computers, including mobile devices.
If the purpose of my company to take advantage of the relocation or refurbishment capabilities

Certifications &

We take care of information devices and equipment for re-manufacturing & disposal
We will act for all operations, including collection, inspection, and sales of equipment up a list
in batches. Also, you can also purchase surplus assets of the Company

Global Network

The recycling and the use of computerized unused IT Assets.
And compliance with environmental regulations. Material recycling should contribute to a
virtuous cycle of natural resources.

What we do

REMANn Co. were social enterprise that recycles, reuses and remanufactures unused electronic equipment.
We produce and sell re-manufactured computer equipped with appropriate function through refurbishing and upgrade of used computer. We protect environment through re-circulation of natural resource and contribute to digital divide.

More than 4 million units of computers are discarded every year in Korea, and volume of electronic waste is increasing steadily. Harmful chemicals or heavy metals are contained in electronic wastes, therefore they should be handled safely. Weight of one unit of desktop computer is less than 10㎏, but its environmental value in recycling one unit is 1762㎏. Before recycling the materials, re-manufacturing is required for maximized reuse.

REMANn Co. were established in 2008 in order to solve such social issue.
Persons who have same minds in making re-manufactured computers that are reliable and as good as new one established the company jointly.
ICT equipment should be disposed safely because it has important information of company or individual person.

REMANn want to be “IT regeneration and re-manufacturing social venture” that provides “safe and valuable disposal service”.

REMANn supplies re-manufactured ICT products at low price in the era of information and social network in order for anyone to access and utilize the information easily.

REMANn are proud of high technology and service capability for re-manufacturing and IT Asset disposal. We have global network in Asia, Africa, China, USA, etc. We are social enterprise that returns more than 2/3 of its profit to employees and society(Korean law). We aim for the community that all employees live well together.

REMANn Co. will become global social enterprise that increases efficient circulation of natural resources and social value through professional re-generating and re-manufacturing continuously.

REMANn’s Strength


Incomparable REMANn’s Competitiveness

Direct sales of purchased equipment by repair with the best technology in Korea / Direct sales at overseas distribution networks
  • Achieved the export amounting to US$1.7 million (~2015)
  • Recorded 100,000 units sales of “REMANn Computer” which is re-manufactured PC in Korea


The key is job reduction of staff

Cost and time saving by integrated operation of collection, transportation, test, storage, security, sales, distribution, recycling and disposal
  • Publishing data erasing result report and valuation report
  • Owning IT Asset risk management know-how through business experiences for many years


Proved REMANn’s Re-manufacturing & Repair Technology

Commercialization of Korea’s first ‘Re-manufactured PC’ / Unused IT asset Value increase effect by 30% than bid sale
  • Conducted the service “Green PC of Love” of Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs and Gyunggido Office of Education
  • Only company that owns complimentary Microsoft license in Korea


Largest Re-manufacturing Facility in Korea

Saving effect of warehousing cost and management cost of customer Online inventory control, test status check and sales are available
  • 100,000 units of PC’s can be stored at a time.
  • Largest re-manufacturing facility in Korea


Possession of Professional Data Destruction Technology and Risk Management

REMANn’s security service recognized by public, financial institutes and IT/large companies Insured against security damage up to 1 billion won
  • Partnership with Blanncco which is the largest security solution company in the world
  • Registered the patent (No.10-1494095, HDD erasing and monitoring system and its method)
  • Obtained ISO27001 International Information Protection Management System Certification

Certifications & Awards

Social Enterprise (Korea)

ISO14001 Environmental Management

ISO27001 Information Security Management

ISO9001 Quality Management System

Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher

Venture Company Certification (Korea)

High-Growth Enterprises Certification (Korea)

Direct Production Certification (Korea)

Installation Certification of Eco-Friendly Air Emissions Facility (Korea)

Merit Award for Environmental Protection (Korea Environment Minister)

Promising Export SME Certification (Korea)

2015 Memorial Tablet for Million Dollar Export (Korean Government)

Global Network

  • – USA
  • – Indonesia
  • – Vietnam
  • – Sweden
  • – Japan